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Dynamic, functional home designs from Austin’s best builders provide variety for your lifestyle. Be closer to downtown Austin, in a new home that suits your style, in a thoughtfully designed community where you can live more.

New Homes from the low $200’s


Locally owned and operated, Buffington Homes incorporates your lifestyle and personal preferences into every aspect of their new home designs, using popular flex rooms, multiple living areas and media room packages. Find your perfect Addison home from the great Buffington plans offered.


www.mybuffington.com View Inventory View Floor Plans

Riviera 1,539 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Muirfield 1,756 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Sawgrass 2,110 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Oakmont 1,693 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Hazeltine 1,851 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Pebble Beach 2,155 sq. ft. 4BD / 3.5BT
Pinehurst 1,745 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Turnberry 1,973 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Augusta 2,304 sq. ft. 4BD / 3.5BT

Buffington Homes Details

Prices From the low $200’s
Floor Plans 9 plans designed for Carefree living Approx. 1,539 – 2,304 sq. ft.
Lots Sizes 40-50 ft.
Contact 737-703-5595

New Homes from the low $200’s

AVI Homes

As an innovator in the home building industry since 1978, AVI Homes has operations in Austin, Calgary and Edmonton, while still approaching every home like it is the only one they are building. As an experienced home builder, AVI Homes counts on the quality of their homes and the families that live in them to be a legacy and to attest to their reputation as an extraordinary builder.


www.homesbyavi.com View Inventory View Floor Plans

Eliot 2,220 – 2,597 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Lawrence 2,390 – 2,499 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Miller 2,551 – 3,119 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Beckett 3,477 – 3,581 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Steinbeck 2,891 – 2,984 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Hemmingway 3,184 – 3,213 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Hudson 2,421 – 2,499 sq. ft. 4BD / 3.5BT
Kennedy 1,806 – 1,902 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Madison 2,501 – 2,568 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Washington 1,725 – 1,813 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Adams 2,082 – 2,163 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Adams II 2,490 – 2,561 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Jackson 2,131 – 2,200 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Harrison 2,441 – 2,850 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Harrison II 2,636 – 3,045 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Hayes 1,865 – 1,998 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT

Homes By AVI Details

Homes by Avi
Prices From the low $200’s
Floor Plans 16 plans designed for Carefree living Approx. 1,725 – 3,581 sq. ft.
Lots Sizes 50-60 ft.
Contact 512-659-1501

New Homes from the low $200’s

Milestone Community Builders

MileStone will Keep Austin Weird by featuring unique, modern home designs and contemporary elements, each MileStone home will offer spacious floor plans that embrace your personal style. Discover for yourself this extraordinary Austin location, perfect for your next MileStone.


www.mymilestone.com View Inventory View Floor Plans

Barstow 1,416 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Bedford 1,693 sq. ft. 4BD / 2BT
Dayton 1,724 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Echo 1,300 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Franklin 2,075 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Gibson 1,667 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Hamlin 2,159 sq. ft. 5BD / 3BT
Harmony 2,253 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Jefferson 2,650 sq. ft. 6BD / 3.5BT
Piper 1,918 sq. ft. 3BD / 2.5BT
Lyric 2,013 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT

Milestone Community Builders Details

Prices From the low $200’s
Floor Plans 11 plans designed for Carefree living Approx. 1,300 – 2,650 sq. ft.
Lots Sizes 40-50 ft.
Contact 512-879-3873

New Homes Coming Soon!

Pacesetter Homes

The Waterloo Collection offered by Pacesetter Homes features a fresh soft contemporary look both inside and out for the Austin market that will be casual, warm and inviting. “Our stylish contemporary designs will be more natural with open fluid plans, soft straight lines and lots of stylish window detailing, providing an architecturally appealing way to bring the outdoors in.”


www.pacesetterhomestexas.com View Inventory View Floor Plans

Sofi 1,260 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Sola 1,448 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Boardwalk 1,525 sq. ft. 3BD / 2BT
Veloway 1,673 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT
Veloway II 1,862 sq. ft. 4BD / 2.5BT

Pacesetter Homes Details

Prices Coming Soon!
Floor Plans 5 plans designed for Carefree living Approx. 1,725 – 1,862 sq. ft.
Lots Size 40 ft.
Contact 512-323-6420


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